About Gewi

Gewi – regenerative Energien plans and installs wind farms up to the approval and realization phase, in order to transform them into private equity businesses to be then financed, built and operated under their administration.

Winfried Gerold is founder and managing partner of Gewi, since the first site was launched in 1991. He started his involvement in wind energy already in 1987 and is seen as one of Germany’s pioneers in the business. He worked many years in sales and planning for various wind energy plant manufacturers. In 1989, Winfried Gerold was instrumental in the technical planning and the economical concept of the Nordfriesland Windpark, Germany’s first wind farm of its kind. When in 1990 its second construction stage was put into service, 50 plants with a total output of 12.5 megawatts made it Europe’s largest wind farm at the time. Besides his work for various manufacturers, Winfried Gerold also realized his own projects and in 1991 his first own wind farm went on line, producing 1.25 megawatts in 5 plants.

Our planning and distribution company has been in place for more than two decades to establish renewable energy sites, especially in the wind energy segment. Throughout the years we have continuously grown from a small business in Husum / North Friesland, to a company that successfully implements its projects on a national level.