Current Projects

Windpark Teutleben 2 (Thuringia)

The foundation construction has already begun. Later this year, three more plants of the type Vestas 112, NH 119, built with a total capacity of 9 MW. The already installed 5 systems of Teutleben 1 annually produce approximately 35.8 million kWh of electricity and supply so already around 10,500 households. Our freelancer Mads Hansen was recently accompanied with our technical specialists on site and captured the works with his camera.

Repowering in Friedrichskoog

Our Uthlander Windpark 4 in Friedrichskoog (Schleswig-Holstein) gets renewed. We replace a plant type Micon M 2300, with a total output of 1 MW, by an Enercon E-92, NH 104, with a total output of 2.3 MW.

The photographer Jan Oelker went to our sites in Thuringia.

He focuses in his free reports and in his contract work on the energy and environment topic. He visited and documented our wind farms Kleinfalke and Teutleben I in Thuringia. In Kleinfalke a total of 4 plants type MD 77 generate 1.5 MW each since 2003. Total output 6 MW

Accompanying our service engineer to the top of our Vestas-Plant V-112, one of five in Teutleben generating a total of 15 MW since 2013, he captured some impressive aerial photography.

Photographic documentation of the Repowering-Project-Oldersbek

For several days our freelancer Rolf Brückner followed the work in Oldersbek (Schleswig-Holstein). His camera captured the construction of the foundation, through crane positioning up the the finished wind turbine. He also documented the dismantling of the old plant type HSW 1000/57 (1 MW) as it was replaced by a new and more efficient MM 82 plant by REpower (2 MW).