We rely on a wind energy network which has grown over the years. References show that all of our clients were able to successfully implement our projects. We integrate all parties involved in the planning process and respect their wishes. Our highly qualified staff is committed to the implementation of renewable energy sources. We create a platform for private households, businesses and municipalities to receive a future-oriented and climate friendly energy supply, tailored to their needs. Gewi is a one-stop provider of expertise for a successful project. Our services cover the complete process chain. Starting from location decision, first consultations with land owners and project proponents, Gewi handles planning, development, financing and implementation issues up to the technical and commercial management.


Our entrepreneurial dedication is geared to advance the currently most efficient version of a sustainable and decentralized energy supply. We focus on the projects and the people involved therein. In absence of any complex administrative structures our small and experienced team assures a well-balanced understanding among all parties involved. We represent a high continuity of staff and a lasting relationship with our clients. Since 1991 Gewi has implemented a total capacity of more than 65 megawatts in roughly 20 wind farms across Germany. Currently we administrate around 50 plants as well as several development projects at different stages.


Jan Oelker, photographer and FREELENS member, focuses in his free reports and in his contract work on the energy and environment topic. He visited and documented our wind farms Kleinfalke and Teutleben 1 in Thuringia. From the Vestas-Plant V-112, one of five in Teutleben generating a total of 15 megawatts, he captured the impressive aerial photography which can be admired here. 


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